Thursday, April 7, 2011

French Macarons

These are my new favorite little treat. I have never had one until a few months ago. I heard of them, but didn't give them much thought until I had an order for some. So after a lot of research I found the perfect recipe. It was the best cookie I have ever tasted! If you don't know what a french macaron is it's not made of coconut. It is a little sandwiched cookie made of almond flour and maringueIt's a little bit chewy and kind of melts in your mouth. Then you can fill it with all kinds of stuff like buttercream, ganache and jams. My favorite is filled with chocolate ganache. Mmmmm I think I need to make some now!


  1. These are my absolute favorite. I had them in Paris , and attempted to make them myself...I need to keep working on it. Glad to have you back. How did your kitchen turn out?

  2. I have been doing so much lately, but I'm so slow at posting it up! I'm not just doing cakes anymore. I startedd doing custom desserts & candy buffets. It'so fun! Hope all is well.